What We Do

Our videos help win campaigns, gather signatures, open wallets, launch ideas and inspire action. You know your topic, and we know video, so we work closely together to make sure both sing. 

Yes, we tell beautiful and compelling stories – but we also make sure that at the end of watching, the audience is inspired to take action. From anti-bullying programs to major donations, we have a proven track record of cracking smart, outside the box ideas to create high impact video. We get video is a big investment, and have a solution for every budget. 

How do you want to do it?

MINI DOCUMENTARIES are ideal for a personal spin on a campaign, or highlighting people power. If you have people who we can interview, mini documentaries are the perfect way audiences can connect directly with real people, and their stories become your story.

SCRIPTED STORIES are perfect for big visions with endless creative potential. We can bring ideas to life with actors, recreations or narration and say anything, your way.

ANIMATIONS could be just the ticket to creative freedom and memorable video. Maybe you have a complex idea that needs to be broken down in a simple and shareable way? It could be multimedia, character, illustration, parallax, motion design – the sky is the limit. 


We also do social experiments, TVCs, feature documentaries, training videos, event videos…  Whatever your idea, we’d love to take it on.

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