Making Tax Appeals appealing

We all know the feeling… It’s late June. Your inbox is groaning under the weight of dozens of end of financial year emails, all clamouring for your eyeballs and dollars.

You know you probably should donate to a cause close to your heart (it is after all, tax deductible) but it’s on the to do list somewhere just below booking a car service and above that root canal.

But, this also happens to be the perfect time for organisations to put together a strong campaign to reach their donation goals… The financially savvy and the generous-natured have their strongest incentive, right now, to give generously.

So how does a fundraising email cut through the noise? How does it convince donors to not just reach for their wallets because it’s good for their tax return, but because it’s good for the world?

Glad you asked. In a busy digital world, in a stacked feed – compelling stories still have the power to reach out and grab audiences. Instantly engaging, brilliant video content has what it takes to rise above the rest.

We might be biased, but the stats speak for themselves. Video is, by far, the internet user’s favourite content, and its efficacy is unmatched.

And if that video creates an emotional reaction – be that laughter, tears or outrage – not only is it more likely to be remembered, but it is more likely to convert to donations and, even better, that all-important supporter retention, so you’ll have them regularly giving to your cause year after financial year.

Take this one for Climate Council. With Tim Flannery appealing directly to camera to donors, he tells a clear story of exactly how much has been achieved against a backdrop of a huge year, creating trust and reassurance that any money donated will be both useful and effective.

Or this one campaigning to protect the lyrebird for Birdlife.The devastation of the bushfires paired with a simple ask, plus powerful imagery of both the crisis and the solution worked to create a very successful fundraising campaign.

Sometimes, a simple message and a laugh is all you need to get people over the line, like this highly successful video for Future Super to make the switch before the end of the tax year

Creative storytelling is limitless – and tax-time donation appeal videos can take so many forms. Imagine the impact of showcasing the amazing work that’s been done in the past year. Imagine the power of visualising what donations could enable next year! Imagine driving home every incentive and point of difference in one stunning minute…

Sound appealing? Let’s chat.

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