Are we about to be out of a job?

Be it parties or podcasts, it seems like ChatGPT and AI powered software is the hot topic of conversation on everyone’s lips. Some see AI as the solutions to all our big and problems (and the boring ones), and others as the beginning of the end. So which is it?

As someone who is perenially frustrated by chatbots, I was initially dubious. But this week, ChatGPT has solved my mother’s group birthday present idea and written a sternly worded letter to Vladimir Putin (prompted by my 8yo son). It also helped us turn some thoughts into an image, voice a script (here’s a trick for you: your script always sounds different when read out loud!) and prompt some hilarious thoughts for our team’s bio. 

So does that mean as creatives we’re out of a job?

Computer says no! Done right, it can make our jobs a whole lot easier, giving us more time to focus on the stuff that matters.

In service businesses where time is money, AI software can do the grunt work on the time-consuming parts of our jobs. Like a virtual (but free!) PA, get it planning, writing content and emails, crafting surveys and whipping up keyword-rich articles for the hungry SEO beasts.

A blank page (ahem, screen) is always daunting so  that’s where we’re finding this tool the most useful. 

For this post, we asked ChatGPT to tell us why it can never replace us for script writing for example, and here’s a summary of what we got (in about 3-4 seconds). The actual response was about 1000 words, and it doesn’t take a robot to tell you that’s too long for your ideal blog post!

While Chat GPT is an impressive technology, it will never replace humans when it comes to writing scripts for videos. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Creativity :it lacks the creative spark that humans possess. creativity is essential to create a compelling story that engages the audience.
  2. Emotional intelligence: A script written by a machine may lack the emotional depth needed to connect with the audience on a deeper level.
  3. Cultural context: Chat GPT, lacks understanding. A human writer can ensure that the script is culturally sensitive and appropriate, which is essential for creating a successful video.

Human writers will continue to be an essential part of the video production process for the foreseeable future.

The bot talks some sense. But it was a little dry, so we asked it to try again in a more lighthearted and fun way. Again, a summary below. Cheesy gags aside, for an inanimate program, it can’t be accused of a lack of self-awareness! 

Hello, fellow humanoids! It’s your pal, ChatGPT, here to talk about why I’m amazing, but why I’ll never be able to replace human writers when it comes to writing scripts for videos. But don’t worry, I’m not here to start a robo-revolution or anything, I promise!

First of all, I don’t have a sense of humor. I mean, I understand jokes and all that, but I don’t really “get” them, you know what I mean? That’s where human writers come in – they’re able to inject humor into their work that makes it entertaining and engaging. Secondly, I don’t have emotionsthat means I can’t write scripts that truly connect with audiences on an emotional level. Finally, there’s a sense of connection and understanding that comes from knowing that a real person has poured their heart and soul into the script. I may be able to generate a lot of content, but I can’t replicate that human touch.

So, while I may be pretty amazing, I’ll never be able to replace human writers when it comes to creating scripts for videos. I can still help out with brainstorming ideas and generating content, and human writers can use that as a jumping-off point for their own creative work. Together, we can create some truly amazing content that combines the best of what technology and humanity have to offer!

We couldn’t have said it much better ourselves. Keep using your greatest assets (your human, real life people – and your trusted video agencies!) for the strategic and creative brilliance. But like any clever software (or a strong cup of coffee) this could just be your secret weapon to take your work to the next level. 

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